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Thursday, March 05, 2009

I love my nieces and nephew very much!

this is Maddie. She is cool, despite the fact that she "does not do very much" - she just kind of sits there and stares at you. Some might say she is lazy because she sleeps a lot. But, I guess that is par for the course when you are 2 months old.

this is Ella. Ella is awesome. She likes to wear her Mom's clothes, shoes, and jewelry. In this photo she is wearing her Mom's winter hat. Her eating habits are kind of weird for a two-and a half-year old, as she likes green beans. She can't get enough of them. I guess that is a good thing. Ella is Maddie's big sister. Notice the green crocks on her feet. She loves those crocks, wearing them everywhere.

this is Peggy. Peggy is great. Peggy is almost 4 years old now and is a talker. She can talk your ear off. She has a great personality and is very smart.

this is Bobby. Bobby is the man! he is movin' into year 2 soon. Now Bobby is getting to be much more interesting, even though he appears a bit "out of it" in this photo. For a while he was like Maddie is now, not talking, just layin' there. But, Bobby is starting to walk and his jibberish is much clearer, including some Mama's and Dadda's in there. This photo is from the same trip tubing at the park with his sister Peggy.

I love them all very much !

Jim Lannan