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Sunday, November 02, 2008


Cribbage is the newest craze to hit the seminary. Many of the men play the game, several of the uninitiated have begun to learn, and I am convinced that more will eventually succumb to peer pressure before the semester ends. Therefore, it is not unusual to find my peers and I engaged in a heated game of cribbage. Such was the case this evening with Deacons Gregory, Jonathan, Michael and me. Dcn. Jonathan and I were partners, and we mopped the floor with our competitors, beating them three out of three games, "skunking" them twice. Tomorrow is another day, but I will bask in my victory for tonight.


Deacon Mike said...

For the record, Tyler and I played this morning and I beat him. One down, four more to make up.

Deacon Tyler said...

Winning by four points hardly constitutes reason to brag, especially after the walloping you too last night . . .

jinglebob said...

Glad your getting practiced up for when you come home and I give thee a sound drubbing! ;)

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