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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Vatican Splendors

Several of us went to see the Vatican Splendors exhibit that is currently touring the United States. It is currently at the Minnesota History Center in Saint Paul - just a few minutes away from the Saint Paul Seminary.

I was really exited to see this. Some items were never before publicly displayed; other things would never be so easily accessible or able to be seen close-up.

There are so many really awesome things to see, but I would like to mention a few of my favorites. They have a reliquary that, among other saints, holds some of the remains of Saint Peter the Apostle - I should tell you that I was confirmed with his name, so this may be a bias of mine. A second note is a mock-ceiling of the Sistine Chapel featuring "The Creation of Man." One of the seminarians that went with me told me something I did not know about this painting: behind the portrait of God the Father, one can see the image of Saint Mary. Thirdly, there are several pieces from Pope John Paul II - my hero. They have his crosier, the document he signed upon his election as Holy Father, and some of his personal vestments.

It was great to see it with several seminarians and to hear what they found interesting. I also appreciated the available details that were all around - they shed light on the displayed materials. It's more than worth your time to see the exhibit.

Take care, -Jeremy

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Kevin said...

Visited the MHC and the Vatican Splendors exhibit last month and really enjoyed it. The one piece that really looked out of place was JPII's "shiny silver & red Las Vegas" Cope. It seemed jarring and really out of place compared to all the beauty of the rest of the exhibit.

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