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Monday, November 10, 2008


I have continued to make my almost daily walks in the neighborhoods of Saint Paul. During them, I do marvel at the briskness of the fall nights, the absence of cars and people on the streets, and the dark night sky, especially when it is clear. However, there is something that is yet lacking in the whole experience.

Well, perhaps lacking isn't the right word, given that what I dread is something that is present. Whether it's the sound of the very-seldom car driving by, or the sirens in the distance of the police car, or the rumble of cars on the freeway a little ways away, there's always background noise. The most persistent, however, is the constant "whoosh" of planes taking off and landing overhead.

Coming from a relatively small town - one of some 2200 people - I appreciate the evenings of going outside and there being the stillness, the absence of activity, the even clearer sky with stars shining brightly, and most of all the quiet of nature without admixture of man-made noise pollution.

There are many things which we seminarians fantasize about with the priesthood. Whether it be getting to know the families of our some-day parishes so well; whether it be saying a reverent mass with beautiful music; whether it be hunting with parishioners in the wild outdoors; there are many things we hope to enjoy as future priests. One small thing that I await is getting to pastor some cluster of small parishes and bask in the readily-available and boundless beauty of nature, without the admixture of urban steel, concrete and noise.

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Adoro te Devote said...

Yeah...I'm not a city person either.

Just because we get stuck here doesn't mean we love it.

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