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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Keeping Vigil

You might note the time stamp on this post.

Last night's Mass and procession were glorious. Indeed, not everything was perfect--but that's nearly impossible on this side of heaven. Mass was beautiful. Fr. Baer - rector of SJV Seminary - gave a rousing homily of walking in Saint Paul (the city), to Saint Paul (the seminary), by Saint Paul (the new statue), with Saint Paul (the person and saint) because we are walking with our Lord, his Lord, the same Lord that he adored in the Eucharist which we adore in our procession.

Indeed, we walked, and we walked triumphantly.

Perhaps the most beautiful moment of the whole procession (which led through the north campus of UST in Saint Paul, down Summit Ave, and across south campus to our courtyard and chapel) was along Summit Ave. Perhaps you aren't aware, but there are numerous houses along Summit which are owned/rented by different groups. One such group is closely associated with the Catholic Studies department here at UST - one of the greatest attributes of the university (behind only SPS and SJV, of course!).

Well, it being All Hallow's Eve and all, they were having a Halloween party. Apparently, the costume theme was your favorite saint. Yet, they knew that we would be having our procession. So, as we walked past, all of the people from that house were outside waiting. They were waiting for their Lord who would pass by their house that night. Indeed, perhaps they wanted to invite Him in; He indeed wanted to dine with them, and likely did in the fraternity they shared. Nonetheless, there they were. A group of some 30 college kids all on their knees, waiting, adoring, praying as their Lord passed them by. It was truly beautiful. Acknowleding their devotion and love for our Lord, Msgr. Callaghan (who was bearing our Lord in the monstrance) stopped the procession, stepped out from under the canopy and gave them benediction with the blessed sacrament.

It has often been said that we need to regain a sense of beauty in our culture. Some argue that this beauty is first and foremost the beauty of a holy life, and insofar as these students witnessing to their faith like that, joining with our witnessing to our faith, how could one not be moved by such manifestation of God's glory?

Well, the beauty continues. All throughout the night and the next 33 hours we are here, adoring. I took an hour-long shift of keeping watch with our Lord in the chapel, and now I am taking yet another hour-long shift of keeping watch, only just outside the chapel. So as to keep our front door unlocked, we keep the desk in the lobby manned at all hours.

Indeed, we did walk gloriously in Saint Paul, to Saint Paul, past Saint Paul, with Saint Paul in this Year of saint Paul. Join with us and Saint Paul, even if only by prayer.


Anonymous said...

I have edited this post because one of the blog administrators sent me an e-mail with these comments:


I just read your post. Four thoughts: 1) You use the word indeed several times in the same paragraph. You might want to clean that up a bit. 2) When people rent a house, they almost always live in it. 3) Beauty doesn't follow from what you said immediately before it. 4) Where is the story about Msgr stepping out from beneath the canopy for Benediction?


That's what you get for writing a post at 2:11 AM.

Deacon Tyler said...

Indeed, you edited it, indeed.

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