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Sunday, November 16, 2008

May they rest in peace.

This past week I checked the website for one of the funeral directors that I got to know during my summer assignment. When I left the parish in early August, one of the priests from the Blue Cloud Abbey was dying; in early September he passed away. On October 6th one of the women I visited with at one of the nursing homes passed away. A man I visited a few times died on October 11th. On October 28th, another one of the women I visited lost her battle with cancer. Most recently, a woman I brought communion to died this past Friday. I know that when I go back to Milbank sometime I will not be able to see them in person. It is difficult to think that men and women whom I saw a few months ago have passed away, and that they are very missed by their families and those who got to know them. May Fr. George Lyon OSB, Grace Czmowski, Sophie Cizmadij, Edward Hublou, and Theresa Van Sambeek rest in peace.

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