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Monday, November 17, 2008

A picture is worth a thousand words, or at least 300

In our Trinity class, we are asked to submit a one page, 300-word position paper responding to a variety of questions on a weekly basis. Recently, the professor proposed the following quote while asking us for a response to the author:

"(The Holy Spirit) is not controllable by any institution or community, but is effective beyond the confines of the Church."

One of our brothers suggested that he might submit the following picture in response:

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Anonymous said...

Great picture!

This statement is of course true. but how a truth is stated matters. There seems to be a none-too thinly veiled dichotomy being established here between the "institutional Church" and the Mystical Body, or "spiritual Church." LG is pretty clear on this one - check out paragraph 8.

Can the HS work outside of the Church - A B S O L U T E L E E E E

But how and when? Not too certain about that one.... I DO know that when the Church celebrates the sacraments, the Person of the HS is present, whether you picture him as a bird or a flame.... I kind of like the flame image myself....

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