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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Quote of the Day - Two of Them

We're almost to the end of the (liturgical) year. Our readings for Mass last Sunday - the Solemnity of Christ the King - forcused on both Christ shepharding us and we thus being called to help other in His name. The daily Mass readings for been very apocalyptic.

In just a few days we begin Advent - four weeks in anticipation of the date on-which we remember and celerate the Birth of the Savior.

With that in mind, I would like to offer these quotes from the Gospel that celebrate the birth of Christ. It is with great and eager anticipation that we look forward to celebrating Christmas.

Perhaps we could all consider praying using these texts where the Gospel authors try to communicate the great joy, the incredible awe at the birth of Jesus.

"In the tender compassion of Our God, the DAWN FROM ON HIGH shall break upon us" (Saint Luke 1:78)


"And the WORD was made flesh and dwelt among us" (Saint John 1:14)

Take care, -Jeremy


Don said...

Are those images from the St. John's Bible?

Don said...

In EP today, Psalm 62:

"For God has said only one thing:
only two do I know:"

I always thought that was a funny line.

Jeremy said...

Ha! Good one, Don!

The one that amuses me is the Psalm that ends "[. . .] and therefore he shall lift up his head." Because immediatly after that, we bow our heads down and say "Glory to the FATHER, and [. . .]."

The hillarious thing is that seminarians find these things funny.

Deacon Tyler said...


If you look closely, the psalmist then goes on to list three things.

Don said...

Ok... but it still sounds funny.

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