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Saturday, January 05, 2008


One nice thing about brother seminarians is their families who want to support not only their son's vocations but those of their son's friends. Last night, we did exactly that. One brother's family hosted us for dinner. To them, many thanks. Yet, this provided an excellent opportunity for us to carry out our duties as third year men. What duties are those?

Well, it is tradition every year that the third year men honor and, to a greater or lesser extent (I would say greater in our case!), roast the outgoing fourth year deacons, just before priestly ordination. This event is Jubilemus! - "Let us Rejoice!" We have been working on the script for some time now and are putting finishing touches on it. And, it just so happens that the fourth year men are out of the seminary for a whole month!

This provides us with an excellent opportunity to do all the filming necessary, without any risk of one of the deacons walking in on us and ruining the surprise. We don't have to try and work around their schedules, we don't have to try and hide from them. Rather, they're simply gone. And should it become necessary, we even have access to their rooms!

So, as the deacons are in the Eternal City learning about the missionary activity of the Church, learning about being sent out, we are here preparing to send them out in a manner altogether our own.

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