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Sunday, January 06, 2008

So many choices, so little time

Travel tip: Italians and Europeans, for that matter, eat relatively late at night. In our case dinner is served between 8 and 9. So a nice helping of gelato helps to ease one past the late afternoon hunger pain. The question then becomes, "Do I partake of the each of the different flavors at one shop or do I go and sample from the many different shops?"

Don’t answer that, it’s a trick question. In philosophy, this question is what is commonly known as a false dichotomy.

We as Catholics hold to a both/and position. The correct answer is that I shall partake of all the different flavors at each shop AND I will also sample from as many shops as possible! Applied theology at its very best ;)


Anonymous said...

Now, Deacon, I know you're trying to provoke me, and I'm going to let you. I think we need a distinction.

We Catholics don't necessarily hold always for both/and or an either/or. Oftentimes, as St. Thomas Aquinas makes abundantly clear, it simply requires good distinctions. Nevertheless, we Catholics simply hold out for the truth, not any particular method of finding it.

So you and your both/and can either acknowledge this truth or go jump in the Tiber!

Anonymous said...


The Gelateria off Cicerone near Lepanto (with the green sign) has the BEST gelato in Rome. Check with the Bernardians. The Diabalo (spicy) Chocolate and Aranciata (Orange) Chocolate are the best, although the Meringue is right up their, too. Make sure you get it in the chocolate almond cone with the panne on top!

Anonymous said...


I did a quick google search and found it online on this blog: GO THERE!


Jon said...

So far the members of our group is pretty partial to Old Bridge by the Vatican and about four blocks from our residence. I have to trust their viewpoints. In fact as I'm writing this, a group is heading out to get their daily fill. OK, I'm gonna say it, I'm not a big fan of gelato. I like about three spoons and that enough for me.

Mike said...

You must visit the one west of Piazza Navona's northern side. There is also one to the north and east of the Pantheon which is quite good as well.

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