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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Just follow the crowd!

Travel tip: when there is a long line to buy a ticket and all of the self-serve machines are NOT occupied, just accept it and follow the crowd! You see, I hate waiting, especially waiting in long lines. After enduring a nine and a half hour flight and waiting for almost an hour to get my luggage, the last thing I wanted to do was wait in a long line to purchase my train ticket to get me from the airport into town. So, instead of lining up with all the other people for the only ticket booth staffed with a human being to buy my train ticket to get me from the airport (FCO) to Termini Station on the Leonard Express, I proceeded to the nearest ticket machine. What a surprise, it doesn't work. Not only that, but the machine takes your credit card and refuses to give it back! To make a long story short, my newly acquired Citi credit card is somewhere in the apparatus that is Trenitalia. After a few emails and a phone call, my credit card is now closed out and I will need to contact Citi to have them send me a new card. I guess this means that I will get to deal with the world famous Italian postal service next…. so stay tuned.

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